3 Reasons Why fun is Essential during early childhood education

The big step competitive lifestyle that includes child care singapore . However, from a parental perspective, it can get quite difficult to get the little one away from you, as he may get clingy. Once he gets past the initial hurt, of being away from mommy, he will be fine. During the schedule in school, there needs to be some fun, which is essential for early childhood learning. Here are three nursery activities that foster intelligence in children.

Play a Word Ending Game

Start a sentence with something like I believe that you should go to and the child responds accordingly. When it is his turn to say something, he can start the sentence in his own way, which continues with the rest of the class so that everyone gets a chance to put in their own little words.

Simon Says

The game Simon Says has always been a hot favorite with kids of every age, it never gets old. Using this as a way for children to shed their inhibitions among their peers, works wonders in the childhood learning curve. This can also be used as a way to get kids to calculate based on what they were taught in the earlier class. It encourages them to try to beat the others at the game with a hope of winning. The objective is not to get too competitive, but to encourage the spirit of reason and a love for mathematics, which may get to be a burden in the later years.

Using their Hands

One great pleasure that children have is to use their hands to drive a point home. Using this as a basis in the infant care center helps the child relate his story. The teacher may ask the children what they saw on their way to school. As each one speaks about what he or she saw on the way, they will add to the story using their hands. When they are asked to draw their findings on paper, they will take to this like a fish to water.


Children learn through example. When the authoritative figure teaches, a subject accompanied with fun as a part of the learning process, even at infant care, kids respond in the affirmative. Head across to the website https://www.cheriehearts.com.sg/how-to-identify-quality-infant-care-centres/. It provides informative content about the ideas and methods used to inculcate better learning. It also goes to prove why fun is essential during early childhood learning.

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