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Need To Know Some Facebook Marketing Strategies? – This Will Help You

facebook social media marketing


Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site with as many as 1.23 billion users and almost 62% of them will be using it every day. With such big user ground, one cannot ignore to use this platform on promoting a business service or product to large population out there or in short a mini world. Also, most of the business brains use this base daily to take the business to next level and bring more visibility. But then, how to target the users for the advertising?

Who can do this Facebook marketing?

Anyone! With the ideas and concepts of starting business this can be a wonderful platform to kick start any idea and getting a faster visibility. The very word Facebook means a huge social network with many users having a variety of interest. So, the target might be a blind shot, but hits those with the common interest. There is possible access to similar kind of demographics which were offered by many search engines, but the difference is the cost-effective concept. Almost everyone in the world holds a Facebook account and the interest of the theme can target the potential audience which will be advantageous for visibility and growth.


The most fundamental strategies that can help establishing marketing for the specific product or service are these focused four points.

Basic research is to be done to know the pulse of the customers which can resonate with the requirements of the customers as to what they like most? And what they don’t?

Addressing the top concerns like – Are you looking for the best quilling art classes? – can help them connect faster to answer their needs.

Proper tracking of all the enquires in the form of call or a web chat with the executives help to know which product has maximum demand and which don’t, feedback and development.

Reducing expensive acquisition can be visible with above features.


So, for someone who is looking to start a Facebook lead generation campaign, it can help doing wonders in a low cost and in the heart of the most liked business destination. The finest update about Facebook is that it holds significant features that can allow the user to target specific customers by interests, location or even demographics. It is way longer than likes, events, comments and friends. The aim of generating revenue to deliver exceptional client service is the new business strategy on Facebook marketing. The rest of likes, comments, fan base and trending threads are a bonus for the work done. Because the biggest business theme is what returns are in pipeline for the investment or spending made.

Emerge out of the dark ages to enter the fabulous world of digital marketing

Emerge out of the dark ages to enter the fabulous world of digital marketing

It appears that the real estate of the Internet is so vastly expanding that it can accommodate any number of inventions or additions to it. That is perhaps the reason why researchers do not even give a thought as to whether there will be space for their new innovations. In short, more and more innovations including those that immensely help businesses do their marketing more effectively are getting added to the Internet space. This being the case, it is surprising that there are entrepreneurs who are yet to make a switch to digital marketing. These entrepreneurs should remember that unless they change their attitude and fall in line with the trend, they cannot hope to sustain in their field.

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If you also belong to this group of traditional minded entrepreneurs who refuse to emerge out of the dark ages, you should understand that digital marketing can provide you with far more pathways as well as opportunities to promote your products or brand. Even a desultory peek into the statistics will reveal to you how digital marketing has been growing and traditional marketing methods such as direct mailing have been declining.

The online market-place has now become so big that its size is nearing the $2 trillion mark. Of course, this survey by USA Today does not include the online business done by private entities. Similarly, Winterberry Group, a consulting firm, that offers its services to reputed companies such as Citi, Adobe, and HP, points out that in 2013, expenses on traditional methods like direct mailing came down to $44.8 billion, that was a 0.9% decline. On the other hand, spending on digital marketing rose to $137.2 billion, that was an increase of about 5.9%. These figures may be enough for giving you a wake-up call so you will not hesitate any more for embracing digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be done in a number of ways that include search engine marketing in Singapore, social media marketing, content creation, web page creation, email marketing, creation of blog posts, pay-per-click campaigns, crafting of online sales letters including those made as videos, and issuing e-newsletters on a regular basis. Of course, these form only a tip of the iceberg because you now have hundreds or even thousands of mobile apps that drive the surge of digital marketing. Of course, entrepreneurs like you may find it difficult to keep up with the relentless pace and the pressure of the growth of digital marketing.

But this should not be the reason for your hesitation to embrace digital marketing because you cannot overlook the fact that your competitors have already made the switch. You may not want to get relegated to the back in your field. Not only that, if you ignore this advice, you may be missing the endless opportunities that may be available to you. Some of these opportunities may be so massive that you may regret later of having missed them.

In fact, you are not advised that you should adopt all the forms of digital marketing. You can choose the most appropriate ones that suit your company and adopt them. Of course, you can seek the help of experts who can advise and assist you in making your choice.

But for succeeding in your digital marketing, you should always remember the fact that you are dealing with an audience that relishes to be online. In fact, this audience has been growing by leaps and bounds. You must engage this audience in such a manner that they take the final step of buying what you are offering.

So, whether you are choosing content marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing, or email marketing, you should always look to pass on the right message to your target audience. If you succeed in this step, you can firmly construe that you have made a royal entry into the fabulous world of digital marketing and will soon reap its fruits.

Where does digital marketing fit in your business plan

Where does digital marketing fit in your business plan?

Need for a business plan

Starting a business is not enough. Your startup is bound to fail if you do not have a critically thought over and well analyzed business plan. You may have a fabulous goal, but without a plan you will never be able to reach that goal.

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A business plan is needed for several reasons:

Plan the future: in order to manage your business better and know what you want to do and achieve in the near future, it is very important to have a proper business plan.
Get funding: no investor will invest in your business if you do not have a proper business plan to show them.
Have a course of action: as mentioned earlier, it is never enough to just start the business, one must know what to do next and what should be the course of action in order to establish the business successfully.
Maintain cash flow: no businessman ever wants his business to go bankrupt, hence it is very important to have a proper plan in place so that there is a steady flow of cash.
Deciding the exit: if at any point, the owners of the business want to call it quits and exit from the business, there should also be a proper business plan for that.

A robust digital marketing strategy

It is very important to have a robust digital marketing strategy when you are planning your business. No business in the cyber age can go very far without a strong presence in the World Wide Web. In order to have that presence, a digital marketing strategy is very important. Many places have digital marketing agencies that create an online marketing strategy for your business. SEO agencies in Singapore and other places have experts who can create a very effective digital campaign for your business.

One of the most crucial factors that digital marketing strategists must keep in mind is who the target client group is and what is the size of that group. In the present times numbers matter a lot. Keeping a tab on how many clients are there currently and how many you would want to have in the future. Another crucial factor to keep in mind is who the people are whom you have chosen to design the social media campaign for you�how do they view the business prospect and the target audience.

Steps to create a digital marketing strategy

It is very important to have a properly planned digital marketing strategy in place. There are some basic steps that one can follow in order to create a digital marketing strategy:

Knowing the current digital presence: the first step would be to understand where we stand currently, what is the present status of my present online presence.

Having a proper objective in place: next step is to know what my goals are�what do I want to achieve from the digital marketing campaign that I design. This objective will help one to decide on the course of action.
Understanding the customers: the next step is to understand what your customers want�their needs, demands and preferences. You can then accordingly rebrand your company through a digital campaign to cater to them more effectively.

Having a budget in place: a digital campaign helps to understand the customers� demands and then accordingly plan the budget to effectively make use of the cash in the business.
Being flexible: times change, needs change. With time one has to be flexible enough to adopt new ways and re-strategize the digital marketing campaign.

Steps for Successful SEM Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing or SEM as it is commonly known as, is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results through paid advertising. It is all about getting in front of the customers at the very moment they are looking for your products on a search engine. Making a SEM campaign successful is not as difficult as it might appear. Following strategies will help you make your SEM campaign a successful one.

  • Setting up of goals and measuring success: Before embarking on an advertising campaign you must have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and how are you going to measure your success. Some businesses may just want to increase their website’s traffic whereas some would want to engage the visitors for some duration until their purpose is completed, so by understanding these requirements you can make a proper strategy for your advertising campaign. To keep your metrics clear to understand it is advisable to set up one campaign for one goal.
  • Choosing the best keywords: Strategical selection of keyword is most important for a business. If you misjudge the keywords your campaign may end up being a failure. Sometime you will need to experiment with keywords as well, for example if a user searches for “digital online marketing agency in Singapore” and he searches using the keyword digital marketing and gets the list of digital marketing companies nearby his location. Now instead of targeting digital marketing alone you could put your focus equally on the keyword Singapore which will increase your visibility on the search engine.
  • Optimize your website’s content: The essence of a website lies in its content. Getting your content written by a subject matter expert who is experienced in that field will definitely result in attracting more visitors because the content created will be in depth and relevant. Also, if the expert is renowned then it is an added advantage because his followers will definitely give a hit at your page.
  • Generate powerful backlinks for your site: You can hire a public relations (PR) company or an SEO company to help you develop powerful backlinks for your website. You can use tools to analyze the keywords and links used by your competitors and implement a similar strategy or a better one to attract visitors.

Apart from these strategies you need to get your website indexed by top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. You need to remember one thing that every moment a potential customer is looking for your products, but who will he find first – you or your competitor? If you answer this well you can always make a successful SEM campaign.